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Become a Certified Concealed Carry Insurance Advisor today!
Requirements for membership:

1.  You MUST be an Independent Property & Casualty Insurance Agent licensed to do business in your state.

2.  You MUST have at least one carrier with the proper language in their home and/or umbrella policies. *We will review your policy language with you.

3.  You MUST be a proud supporter of the Second Amendment to our Constitution of the United States of America.

What you get:

1.  Training and Certification by Chris Monge to become a Certified Concealed Carry Insurance Advisor.  Chris is the nations #1 Leading Expert on Concealed Carry and Self-Defense Insurance and the training will help you provide your clients with the proper coverage.  You remain an Independent Agent and operate your business as you see fit.

2.  License to use the term "Certified Concealed Carry Insurance Advisor" and show affiliation to the Concealed Carry Insurance Network.  Plus you'll be able to use paperback copies of "The Gun Owners Guide to Insurance for Concealed Carry & Self-Defense" in your agency marketing, at gun shows, trade shows, with gun stores and gun trainers.  You will get a number of free copies of the book with your licensing fee and you'll be able to purchase additional books at a reduced cost to sell or give away to gun owner prospects.

3.  LEADS!  A number of free leads will be included in your licensing fee each year and you'll have the ability to purchase additional leads in your state/area coming from our website as they come in.  Each client is worth on average $250-$350 per year in keep ALL of that!  Gun Owner clients who come to you for this type of insurance will stay with you for eliminates shopping rates for the most part.

4.  Ongoing training and support with monthly teleconference's and webinar's.

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