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Comprehensive Protection if you are invoved in a Self-Defense Shooting!
By our estimate roughly 80% of Gun owners and Concealed Carry Licensees do NOT have the proper insurance coverage to protect them in the event they are involved in a Self-Defense shooting...are you one of them?  The other 20% just happen to have coverage with a "Self-Defense Friendly" Insurance company by chance...and they don't even know it.

For Concealed Carry Licensees there are two separate parts to worry about if they are involved in a Self-Defense Shooting:  Criminal Defense Legal Fees and Civil Lawsuit protection (Non-Concealed Carry gun owners just have the Civil Lawsuit protection available to them).

Insurance is the one area that most gun owners never think about...and if they do not have the proper protection in place PRIOR to them being involved in a Self-Defense Shooting they can't go out and buy protection for the event that just happened.  

Think of it like a car have to have the insurance in place before you crashed to have the policy pay for a new car...if you don't have insurance you'll be paying for a new car out of your pocket!  

The same holds true for an incident of Self-Defense...if you don't have the proper coverage in place you'll have to pay for your Legal Fees and any Civil Suits out of your own pocket.
Chris Monge has become the nations leading expert on Concealed Carry & Self-Defense insurance and he's written a book titled "The Gun Owners Guide to Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Insurance."  In it he goes into detail about what protections are necessary and available to Gun Owners in the USA. 

**WI & IL Residents ONLY**  Request a comprehensive Insurance Coverage Review by emailing us at or calling our office at 608-663-9800.

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